September Favorites


September for most areas of the country begins the first official transition to fall. Not in Alabama. September 2017 still felt like you were opening the door and stepping straight into Hell for most of the month. Regardless of the temperature, I started noticing it was time to transition my beauty routine.  A big part of the transition was my pure determination that I was going to usher in the new season if I just stayed diligent enough.  I also must have been going through some strange stimulus for change due to the pregnancy hormones as well, because I chopped off my hair (halfway down my back to just above my shoulders) and decided I absolutely had to paint my fingernails.  Y’all… I never paint my nails, so this was a big deal.  Anyway, with all the changes I tried out a few new products and revamped my usage of some products I have had for a while. These products make up my September favorites!

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Hair Care

My hair is very straight and very fine (not to be mistaken for thin).  My hair is so straight in fact, that it is almost “slippery”. I have to use a lot of heat to style it and a lot of product to get it to somewhat hold volume and curl when it is longer.  When it is shorter, I naturally have more volume and product becomes more about holding a style than it is actually giving it texture and tackiness.  After cutting my hair, I swapped my thick products  for lighter weight volumizers and found I really like the root boost spray and foam volumizer by Matrix.

  • Matrix High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Spray: This spray can be used just at the roots or all over the hair to help provide volume and lift. I personally do not use this anywhere other than my roots.  It gives it enough lift so it does not lay flat on my scalp, and it does not make my hair oily.  It also gives it a little extra help when I run a teasing brush through it.  It does not have a strong fragrance, and it is not thick or goopy.


  • Matrix High Amplify Foam Volumizer : This is a plumping mousse that helps to lift roots much like the root spray, but I find that it actually helps hold and provide volume to the rest of my hair.  I use this instead of a thickening lotion or spray for day to day styling.  It has a pleasant smell, but it isn’t overpowering. Unlike other mousse products, it does not dry out my ends or weigh my hair down.


  • Dermablend Liquid Camo Foundation in Camel: While I LOVE my Bare Minerals Gel Cream, I still find myself leaning more towards wanting a bit more coverage in the transitional months.  I have used Dermablend for several years off and on and it does a great job for coverage. This particular foundation is touted as a medium coverage, but I find it is really more along the lines of a full coverage foundation.  In fact, the coverage is so thick the application can be a bit tricky.  The way I have been using it this month is by diluting the foundation with marula oil.  The oil helps it go on smoother but it does not take away from the lasting power (if you have oily skin I would not recommend this step). It also takes away from the super matte texture and still allows a bit of radiance after lightly setting with translucent powder. I apply with a foundation brush and finish off blending with a dry beauty blender.

You can see this is well loved


  • Marula oil: I got this several months ago in my Boxycharm box. I use it a lot for my skin as a moisturizer and on the very tips of my hair when I get a bit of static. This is also the particular oil I also use for diluting my makeup.  It only takes a drop for a pea size amount of the foundation mentioned above. I do not use a primer with this, but I do make sure I set it with powder and setting spray.  The oil is sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free, helps boost efficacy of other products, has anti-aging properties, and it absorbs into the skin versus sitting on top of the skin.


  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: I never paint my nails because I am so rough on my hands. When I do get manicures I get the gel polish that eats away at my nail bed and is almost impossible to remove without constant acetone exposure. When I saw this polish I became intrigued. It does not need a UV lamp to cure, and it supposedly has the lasting power of a salon gel formula. It claims to remove easily with your standard polish remover as well.  I bought the color Dig Fig and the top coat, and went to the salon for a mani/pedi.  I was extremely careful not to touch anything for probably 15 minutes after the application to make sure it dried as the instructions state it should have plenty of time to cure without the lamp.  I was able to wear the color for 2 weeks before I had to change it out. It did not chip on my nails or my toes.  It also came off easily with my own polish remover, and it did not dry out my nails.  Since then, I have purchased two additional colors!

Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favorites?

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