Oh Baby

Hello everyone! I hope the day finds each of you doing well.  It has certainly been a several weeks since my last post, and I know how much you have missed my goofy sense of humor.  I apologize you have had to resort to reading beauty reviews from magazines *gasp* and the like, especially since I am so much more of an expert than those glossy, well-groomed magazine journalists in the big city.  Joking aside,  I have had several obstacles get in the way of even formulating a decent post regardless of what category. I have been thinking about each of you and how you probably think I have just gone AWOL, but let me enlighten you on some of the things that have stood in my way the past several weeks:

  1. Complete lack of creativity
  2. A complete stop of certain product use
  3. Sickness
  4. Exhaustion
  5. Change of dietary habits

Interestingly enough, all the items above would seemingly discredit my love for writing about wellness, beauty, fitness, etc.  Who in their right mind would read anything written by someone who is going through all of those things? Stick with me, please because I have a very good reason: I’M PREGNANT! After going through last year’s loss and six months of blood work, it only took about a month and a half for us to conceive.  God certainly answers prayers!

I am currently about 15.5 weeks along, and it has been such an interesting ride.  I’ve read articles and books which talk about common things to look for such as morning sickness, extreme fatigue, food aversions, etc., but while the articles did a decent job explaining what symptoms may occur, they don’t prep me well with the severity of it.

  • What they say is normal: You may experience morning sickness.
  • What they really mean: You are going to feel like complete and total crap ALL day long.  Consider yourself lucky if you actually throw up and rid your body of something. You likely will feel like you are in a steady state of needing to vomit with no results and/or dry heaving only.
  • What they say is normal: You may experience fatigue.
  • What they really mean: Think about the time you were your most tired in life and multiply it by 10.  You are going to need to nap midday at the very least.  Sure your hormones are making you sleepy, but it is also because of the 6 times you got up to pee in the middle of the night last night.
  • What they say is normal: You may experience food aversions.
  • What they really mean: Go ahead and make a list of all the foods you know and love. Now, if you have any in the house throw it all away because you aren’t going to want to eat it, smell it, or look at it any time in the near future.  If you are a vegetable and fruit lover, you might as well go ahead and yield to the fact you are going to be living off of potatoes (baked, mashed, roasted, or fried), cheese, and bread for the next 13 weeks.
  • What they say is normal: You may experience cravings
  • What they really mean: Pickles and ice cream are just a stereotype.  The reality is you are going to call your husband and tell him to bring you nacho cheese in the middle of the afternoon.  Nacho cheese cravings is going to turn into 3 glasses of buttermilk cravings, and then you are going to find yourself wanting nothing but a piece of bread with mayonnaise (which you normally don’t like) and Frank’s Red Hot sauce.
  • What they say is normal: You may be a bit more emotional than normal
  • What they really mean: You are going to cry when Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory mentions his meemaw.
  • What they say is normal: You may be hotter than normal, or you may fluctuate in being hot and cold.
  • What they really mean: You are going to feel like the fiery pits of hell spit fire all over your body, especially when you go to sleep at night. You are going to sweat like you never have, in places you never have, and then with the flip of a switch you are going to freeze your booty off.
  • What they say is normal: You may experience breast growth by up to two cup sizes, and may experience tenderness.
  • What they really mean: You are going to roll over in the middle of the night and wake up cussing.  Every bra you own will go from being a perfect fit to cutting off your circulation overnight.  Forget trying to buy bras to catch up, because you are going to only want a nice soft sports bra, or nothing at all. You will go bat crap crazy at your significant other if the girls are touched at all.
  • What they say is normal: You may experience flatulence.
  • What they really mean: Everything you eat is going to make you blow enough gas to actually create global warming and incinerate the Earth.

As mentioned, it was an interesting first trimester.  Thank God for peppermints and lemons for nausea.  Besides what is listed above, it has been interesting to note that working out has become much more difficult, even without a huge belly.  I get winded a lot faster, and when I get too hot I get dizzy or queasy.

What are some of the pregnancy symptoms you have experienced that were far more severe than any article could have prepared you for?


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