Hospital Bag Dos and Don’ts

Happy 2018! I hope 2017 ended well for everyone and the new year has started out amazingly. I haven’t written since September, which is death in the blogging world, especially when trying to build a tribe of subscribers. I had a really great October Favorites planned out, but my son decided to come via emergency c-section on Halloween instead of December 1st! The past couple of months have been spent trying to adjust to this new life of being a mom, and anything I planned on writing just flew out the window.

The whole week before he came I had this nagging compulsion to get the hospital bags packed. I had November 1st as a due date for completion, but spent the entire Saturday before he came going to the mall to buy nursing bras, tanks, and pj set, and packing the bags. I suppose that was God saying “hey girl you better get ready now”. I am so thankful I had bags ready to go, because at 4:00 that Tuesday my water broke. There is no way I would have had the presence of mind to try to pack anything when that happened, especially since my hospital is 2 hrs away from home. We grabbed them and left, but the majority of everything I packed didn’t even get used while I was there. For that reason, here is my list of packing dos and don’ts.


  • Fancy camera: you will use your phone the entire time so save the space.
  • Cute panties: go ahead and invest in some high waisted “mom” panties. You are going to bleed a LOT, and if you have a c-section your Victoria’s Secret collection will collect dust for a while. Actually, you may consider skipping panties altogether and use the mesh ones supplied by the hospital. You are going to look like you are wearing a cast a net to catch some bait, but man those things are comfy! Take all of them home too.
  • A fancy going home outfit for you: you are going to be tired and sore, and NOTHING will be comfortable over a c-section incision. Focus on comfort instead. After all, you just ejected a tiny human from your body.
  • Diapers and wipes: the hospital has this for you already. If you end up having a whopper just send someone to get a size up.
  • Breast pads: your milk won’t likely come in before you get home… at least not to the point of leaking.


  • Dry shampoo: I washed my hair the day after my c-section but wish I would have skipped it altogether. I didn’t end up getting to use my hair dryer because I was so fatigued and in so much pain. Dry shampoo was the best thing, and I was able to just use a travel size can to save a bit of space
  • Nursing tanks: I chose to breastfeed my son, so nursing tanks were a must for me. I ended up staying in the hospital gown my mom made for me the entire first day, but after that the tanks were a God send. It makes the whole nursing process a lot easier than a normal shirt and nursing bra. Ten weeks later I am still living in them.
  • PJ bottoms: you aren’t going to want to wear anything other than loose fitting pants, and pjs are a cuter option than oversized sweats and not nearly as hot.
  • Comfy robe: you may get a little chilly, but the robe covers you up for when visitors come.
  • Flip flops: I don’t trust stepping in any shower like that with bare feet.
  • Your own pillow: if you don’t use it to sleep on you will certainly want it to help the ride home if you end up having a c-section. My hospital was almost 2 hrs from my home and I was miserable the entire ride back to the house. The seatbelt hits right at your incision, and all that jarring is extremely uncomfortable to internal organ damage.
  • BIG water bottle: breastfeeding makes you THIRSTY. I constantly was asking the nurses to bring me water because those little cups and water bottles just wouldn’t quench my thirst.
  • Pads: the hospital supplies these, but you feel like you are sitting on a booster seat. Thinner pads were more comfortable to me.

Optional extras

  • Makeup: I only halfway put makeup on one day, and that was when the photographer came. The rest of the time it just wasn’t worth it.
  • Makeup brushes: I didn’t pack anything to apply makeup with because I thought I would just get extra brushes or applicators. Since I had a surprise, I didn’t have anything other than fingers to try to apply powder blush, highlighter/bronzer, etc. I ended up just wearing tinted moisturizer for the pictures.
  • Blanket: I packed one because I was told the room is cold and I would freeze after delivery. Wrong. I was still hot and used a bedside fan the entire time I was there.

Now keep in mind these are just my preferences. When the day comes to do it over again the don’t items will not be in my bag and I won’t feel like I am going to stay for a month

What are some of your dos and don’ts for the hospital bag?

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