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How To Write Affirmations

It is already March, which is unbelievable to me. Where has the whole first quarter gone?  I think everyone is just as surprised at how fast this year has gone by. It seems like everyone mentions it at work, and surprisingly the gym has seen an influx of members lately.  This is certainly interesting since the opposite is usually true by now.  It is almost as if all those people realized their resolutions were already going down the toilet, and now the race for swimsuit season is on! Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to get pumped up about making a change, and then so hard to stick with the work that goes into it? What if I told you the secret can literally stem from the depths of your mind?

I know most everyone is familiar with the concept of being what you think. In fact, if you Google “you are what you think” a whole list of links comes up. Most of what tends to hang out in popular media in regards to this topic revolves around being a more positive person – don’t be so negative… don’t look at the glass as half-empty.


FAKE IT ‘TILL YOU MAKE IT! Right? Isn’t that what we all tend to say? The problem is that we tend to say this in response to a negative… as if we are lying to ourselves, when in fact the original meaning is to have a positive outlook. You aren’t lying to yourself, you are programming your brain to BE those things!  Did you know this also applies to everything else?  This affects your weight loss goals. This affects your success. This affects EVERYTHING.  With that in mind, what if the reason weight loss doesn’t happen or that lifestyle change doesn’t happen is because of your subconscious?


Y’all know I try to be real with you.  It is so easy to put on a perfect persona behind a computer screen… to only show the world what you want them to see.  Where is the reliability to that?   Today I am going to share with you. It is my own Archimedes moment… my “Eureka!” moment, sans nakedness.  *Side note: I am a science nerd so this actually made me laugh at myself. If you don’t understand it here is a little reference. Maybe you can at least appreciate my nerdy-ness.

Have you ever prayed and prayed for a sign or an answer from God?  You know what I mean. There you are talking to Him like the sign scene in Bruce Almighty, and wondering where your answer is.  I had been praying to be able to find some clarity and some answers to a few issues I was struggling with personally not long ago, and had an encounter such as this. I started reading a book by Tom Venuto, who is a highly sought after personal trainer and body builder to gain a little extra knowledge for my personal training cert.  In one of his chapters he talks about how most people sabotage their attempt at losing body fat without realizing it.  He talks about how the subconscious is different from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is what you use during your waking hours.  It is fully aware of everything going on around you, all the emotions you are feeling, and your active thoughts.  The conscious mind is what looks in the mirror and says, “I’m so fat. I hate the way I look. I’ll never be able to get rid of this weight.”  Or, “I’m such a failure, I’ll never make it”. The subconscious mind is on in the background.  It is really below your awareness level, but it stores all the data the conscious mind gives it.  The subconscious mind is what dream analysts say is working to tell us something when we are asleep.  When the conscious mind starts to speak those words, the subconscious is programmed to listen and obey.  Therefore, when you say negative words, the subconscious takes it literally and makes sure it happens.  He talks about writing affirmations instead and reading them several times a day to reprogram your subconscious.  Again, fake it ’till you make it.

I thought, okay that’s a cool concept. I’ll be sure to do that. I had halfway started my attempt and stopped.  One week later, still praying, I had to attend a conference for work. Amazingly enough, they started talking about the Napoleon Hill book, The Law of Success.  What else did they talk about? Affirmations.  At that same conference I was reading an article on confidence and I’ll be dang if affirmations didn’t come up again.  At that point I was like, “OK God, I got you!”  I wrote my affirmations.

This concept has really been in front of me all along. As a trainer you learn to help clients set outcome goals and set out on the track to attain them.  You learn that there are certain limiting factors that stand in the way of attaining these goals, and one is the mindset.  If clients think they are destined to fail, they probably will because their subconscious is programmed that way.  They MUST write their affirmations and read them daily, and so should you. Are you interested in trying out affirmations? It really does work, and what do you have to lose?

How do you write affirmations? It’s simple!

  1. Make a list of the things you want/what your goals are, but make them specific… no broad generalizations.
  2. Write them down as if you already have attained them. Done.

For example if you want to lose weight you may say “I have 3% less body fat than I did when I started”. If you want to be financially successful you may say “I put in work and now make a six figure salary every year”.  If you want to have more self-confidence you may say “I am courageous – I am never afraid to speak my mind”.

I have a notebook with all of my affirmations written in it, and I have it on my phone. I read it whenever I can.  I also recite it in my brain. If I find myself starting to go down the road of negative thinking I quickly restructure it and repeat the new version at least 3 times.  My bathroom mirror is littered with post-it notes of some affirmations and some steps to take to make them.   I challenge you to do the same thing today!

Let me know when you make your list, and keep me posted on how your outlook and circumstances are changing! Comment below for support, or contact me directly.

Love in strength and health,

Your biggest supporter


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